Kirby Kangaroo Club

Hey Kids! Welcome!

Welcome to Members' Advantage financial program designed just for you! Learn about saving money and have fun at the same time!

  • For children 0-12 years of age
  • Min. balance to open: $5.00
  • Accounts earn dividends on a balance of $5.00
  • Children also receive a birthday card and gift every year!

Youth Certificates

Term Certificates are designed just for young members age 0-18.

They lock your money in for a specific term and earn higher dividends than a share savings account.

Minimum deposit to open: $250.00

One deposit per month allowed: $50.00 minimum.

3, 6, 9, & 12 month terms available!

Calculated Deposits

Here is what you could save in only one year!

  • $2.00/every two weeks = $52.00
  • $4.00/every two weeks = $104.00
  • $8.00/every two weeks = $208.00
  • $12.00/every two weeks = $312.00
  • $18.00/every two weeks = $468.00
  • You'll receive dividends too!

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