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Spam Email hitting Google accounts worldwide

There has been a mass spam email outbreak that occurred on Google accounts worldwide. You may have received an email from someone you know using their Google accounts. This was part of a global outbreak of SPAM. The emails do not contain a virus and do not collect or use any data from accounts. They are designed to simply send more SPAM email. 

Please read and follow the steps below if you have received email with the subject “NAME shared a doc with you.”
1. Delete the message. If you open the message, do not click on the "OPEN DOC" link.
2. If you did click on the link, you sent a message from your email account. You can see who you sent the messages by checking your Sent Mail. 
3. If you typed in your Google account password after clicking on the link, you need to remove an app that you auto added to your account. 
4. To remove the app, go to:
5. Click on MANAGE APPS
6. Remove the app called  "Google Docs.” It has the Google Drive icon and you will see that the Authorization date is the same time as the SPAM authorization. Note: The REAL Google Drive app is called Google Drive.