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Online Statements

Members' Advantage Credit Union now offers Internet access to your MasterCard or VISA statements. Along with our processor, Certegy, we are now able to provide this option to our members who hold credit cards with MACU. You'll still receive a monthly statement in the mail, but online access will enhance the amount of information available when you need it by providing these additional benefits:

  • Review 6 to 18 months of account statements
  • Download transaction information to your own money management software (i.e. Quicken)
  • View account summary information such as your current account balance, available credit, next payment due date, etc.
  • Search for specific transactions by dollar amount, merchant name, transaction type, etc.
  • Request an email alert on a variety of criteria, such as when statements are available each month, when you're within a certain range of your credit limit, or other specific events
  • Pay your bill electronically from your share or checking account. Payments are usually posted by the next business day!

Most of your transaction information is updated in a nightly process; however, some information such as account status, available credit, and credit limit is updated in real time as transactions occur.

The web site is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, so your data is available only to you. Enrollment is easy...and it's all done online. You'll be required to enter your credit card account number correctly, and then match 4 of 6 additional pieces of data specific to your account. Once you've authenticated your identity, you choose a user name and password for future access, and you're on your way! So,

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