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Debit Cards

MACU's SHAZAM Debit Card is offered to approved members with checking accounts.

  • Lost/Stolen Cards:
    Members' Advantage Credit Union at (715) 421-1610 or SHAZAM at (800) 383-8000
  • Activate Card/Change PIN: (800) 717-4923
  • Falcon Alerts:  (866) 508-2693
    • Text Message Alerts from 72718
    • Automated Calls from (855) 219-5399
  • Blocked States (if not using PIN): None

Debit Card Disclosure

Related Debit Card Products/Services

  • ATM Locator/Surcharge free ATMs - when using your SHAZAM Debit Card
    (look for Privileged Status Logo  for no fees)
  • Alliance One - ATM Network for even more surcharge free ATMs (Download the App on your Android Phone)
  • SHAZAM BOLT$ - Download the Shazam Bolt$ app on your Android or iPhone and view your checking balance and set alerts for your Shazam Debit Card.
  • SHAZAM myPic Studio - Make your Debit Card unique by uploading a picture or choosing one from the gallery to personalize your card.

Terms & Conditions

In order to proceed with either a consumer or business card, you must accept the SHAZAM MYPIC STUDIO TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Read and review the SHAZAM myPic Studio Terms & Conditions




Yes, I accept all Terms & Conditions

  Yes, I accept all Terms & Conditions

If you wish to decline the Terms & Conditions, click here you will be redirected to the Members' Advantage Credit Union homepage.