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ISL Student Loan Info

College costs can make obtaining an education challenging. These lower-priced private loan options can help you succeed financially in college and after graduation. Review all details about these options online.

Student Loans

The suite of Partnership Loans were created to help undergraduate and graduate students pay for college. These loans are taken out in the student’s name.

Cosigners are often needed for the national Partnership Advance Education Loan®. With this loan, students choose the option that is best for their financial situation.

  • Variable or fixed interest rate
  • When to begin repayment

Additional no-cosigner loan options exist for undergraduate and graduate students attending Iowa colleges or universities.

And borrowers and cosigners can benefit during repayment with:

  • An interest rate reduction.
  • The opportunity to release cosigners from their obligation.

Parent or Family Loan

The fixed-rate College Family Loan® is a national loan for parents, family members and others to borrow on behalf of a college student.

In addition:

  • Nearly all the College Family Loan annual percentage rates are lower than what we calculate for the federal parent PLUS loan rate.
  • The borrower chooses when to begin repayment when applying.
  • Borrowers can take advantage of an interest rate reduction by making principal and interest payments automatically.

Please be aware that, for this loan, the student is neither the borrower nor cosigner, but loan proceeds are sent to the college for the benefit of the student.

Refinance Loans

The fixed-rate Reset Refinance Loan® is an option for borrowers with current student loan debt who are looking for:

  • A lower rate, which can mean paying less in total interest.
  • Lower monthly payments, which can help if budgets are tight.
  • The option to make one payment to one lender for easier repayment.

There are a number of options for these refinance loans based on the borrower’s situation. But all options allow borrowers to refinance one loan or combine multiple loans, including federal loans (for student or parent borrowers), private education loans and previously refinanced or consolidated education loans, into one new private loan.

For Partnership Loan or College Family Loan questions, call (844) 268-2203.

For questions about the Reset Loan, call (844) 268-2202.